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Quad Con & Wienermobile

Peoria (WEEK) --- On Saturday, dozens of local artists, creators, gamers and cosplayers came together for a weekend of fun at Northwoods Mall.

QuadCon began its 2021 tour with the first stop in Peoria. The event is free to the public and runs all weekend.

Tons of notable characters can be seen cruising around the mall, and local vendors sell everything from comic books and collectibles to trading cards and homemade handicrafts.

John Wells, the event's coordinator, says it is a great way to bring comic fans from all around to one place.

"I'm a big nerd - I've been going to conventions since I was 11 years old," Wells said. "So this is kind of like a second home to me. When I see these people coming out here, I'm like, 'hey! how's it going!' This is my family - my geeky family."

Among the cosplayers, artists and creators, perhaps QuadCon's most unusual guest was the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Hot dogger Ashley "All-American Ashley" Ferrara drove the "Lambor-gweenie" into Northwoods Mall on Saturday.

She handed out weenie whistles, stickers, coupons and postcards, and hung around for a while to answer any hotdog-related questions from curious visitors.

"The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is 60 hotdogs long and weighs 140,000 hotdogs," Ferrara said. "She is 85 years old this year - she was invented in 1936."

Ferrara says there are six different Wienermobiles that travel the country year-round.

Peoria had the pleasure of welcoming "Big Bun" to QuadCon Saturday.

QuadCon will resume at Northwoods Mall Sunday afternoon, and is set to return to the Peoria Convention Center in June.

For more information on upcoming events, visit the event's website at